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Yoshiaki OhkumaProfessor(Yoshiaki Ohkuma)

  • Joint-use Facilities for Education and Research Life Science Research Center  Director 
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacy Gene Regulation Professor 
  • Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences for Research Advanced Biomedicine Genome Pharmaceutical Science Professor 
  • Organization for Promotion of Regional Collaboration   Director 


Molecular biology, biochemistry


1. Research on the transcription of eukaryote genetic information
2. Research on phenomena in the nuclei of cells that are cooperatively controlled based on the activity control of RNA polymerase II
3. Research on the clarification of clinical conditions of disease caused by failures of genetic information control in humans


Genetic information expression, energy metabolism, aging


Technical Consultation and contribute to community

Abundant expression and purification of recombination protein utilizing Escherichia coli
Abundant expression and purification of human protein utilizing human cultured cells and fission yeast


Social activities

2005-2006 Organizer, Hokuriku Branch, Japanese Biochemical Society (JBS)
2006- Councilor, JBS
2006- Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Biochemistry by JBS
2005 Member of the Selection Committee for the Graduate School Best Presentation Award at the 112nd Ordinary Meeting of the Hokuriku Branch, Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (PSJ)
2006 PSJ
2007-2008 Organizer, Hokuriku Branch, PSJ
2007 Chairman of the Selection Committee for the Graduate School Best Presentation Award at the Ordinary Meeting of Hokuriku Branch, PSJ
2008 Representative, One-Day Experience for High School Students at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toyama

Career back ground

Education back ground

Mar. 1981 Graduated with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Mar. 1987 Completed graduate studies, Biopharmacy, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Jobs back ground

1987 Special Researcher, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
1988 Postdoctoral Fellow, Rockefeller University USA
1993 Research Assistant, Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Rockefeller University
1995 Assistant Professor, Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Osaka University
2002 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University
Jan 2005 Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University
Oct 2005 Professor, University of Toyama

Article and book


Tsutsui, T., Umemura, H., Tanaka, A., Mizuki, F., Hirose, Y., and Ohkuma, Y. (2008) Human Mediator Kinase Subunit CDK11 Plays a Negative Role in Viral Activator VP16-dependent Transcription. Genes Cells, 13, 817-826,


Furumoto, T., Tanaka, A., Ito, M., Malik, S., Hirose, Y., Hanaoka, F., and Ohkuma, Y. (2007) A kinase subunit of the human Mediator complex, CDK8, positively regulates transcriptional activation. Genes Cells, 12, 119-132. 


Hayashi, K., Watanabe, T., Tanaka, A., Furumoto, T., Sato-Tsuchiya, C., Kimura, M., Yokoi, M., Ishihama, A., Hanaoka, F., and Ohkuma, Y. (2005) Studies of Schizosaccharomyces pombe TFIIE indicate conformational and functional changes in RNA polymerase II at transcription initiation. Genes Cells, 10, 207-224.


Watanabe, T., Hayashi, K., Tanaka, A., Furumoto, T., Hanaoka, F., and Ohkuma, Y. (2003) The carboxy terminus of the small subunit of TFIIE regulates the transition from transcription initiation to elongation by RNA polymerase II. Mol. Cell. Biol. 23, 2914-2926.


Yamamoto, S., Watanabe, Y., van der Spek, P., Watanabe, T., Fujimoto, H., Hanaoka, F., and Ohkuma, Y. (2001) Mol. Cell. Biol., 21, 1-15.

Yoshiaki Ohkuma
TEL: 076-434-7540
FAX: 076-434-5171

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