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The University of Toyama welcomes Researchers and Students from All Over the World!

Outline of the University

The University of Toyama is a national university located in Toyama Prefecture on the Japan Sea coast in the center of the Japanese archipelago.
The University of Toyama took the first step into a new history in 2005.
Three universities, Toyama University (founded in 1949), Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University (founded in 1975), and Takaoka National College (founded in 1983) were integrated to form the new University of Toyama.

Today, the university has the eight faculties of Humanities, Human Development, Economics, Science, Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering, and Art and Design, five graduate schools, three graduate schools for education, the Institute of Natural Medicine, the University Hospital, the University Library, 3Organizations, 2Centers, and 4 joint-use Facilities for Education and Research.

There are approximately 8,100 undergraduates and 1,200 graduate students at the university, and around 2,000 faculties and staffs. We have more than 300 international students from over 20 countries all over the world, and many overseas researchers are conducting research activities at the university.


Academic Calendar

The academic year runs from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.
(From October 1 to September 30 for some graduate schools)
● First Semester: April 1 to September 30 (October 1 to March 31 for some graduate schools)
● Second Semester: October 1 to March 31 (April 1 to September 30 for some graduate schools)

Closed Day

- Saturdays and Sundays
- Japanese National Holidays
- Anniversary of Foundation (October 1)
- Please ask your faculty/graduate school office for details about the spring, summer and winter vacations.

The Main Annual Events

MonthAnnual Event
April Entrance Ceremony
Student health checks
General Orientations
July Hokuriku District National University Athletic Meeting
October General Orientations
November Hokuriku District University Students' Arts Festival
February Entrance Examinations
March Commencement Ceremony